Large Format (vinyl or paper)

We now offer large format printing for all types of applications using our Canon TX-3000 (paper) as well as our HP Latex 315 (vinyl). These printers feature ultra high quality imaging and exceptional performance on a wide variety of print media. Available stock to 54″ wide, including plain paper, vinyl, banners, car wrap and decals/stickers. Some stock allows “borderless” (full bleed) layout and printing.

  • Printing can be “portrait” or “landscape”
  • Posters (up to 54″ wide)
  • Tyvek or Vinyl banners
  • Murals and wallpaper
  • Cling Vinyl Window decals and logos
  • Car, truck and trailer decals (“car wrap”)
  • Backlit media for signs and sandwich boards
  • Art prints and Photographs
  • CAD drawings and Blueprints
  • Graduation Yard Signs

Pricing varies depending on many factors. Our pricing tool considers print coverage, material cost, cut/trim to size, grommets and hemming (banners), weeding (for print & cut items like window decals and stickers). Please call or email your specifications and time-frame requirements and we’ll be happy to work up a quotation (free).

Example material pricing (good for a ball park price only):

Paper scans and prints:

  • Blueprints (24″x36″ on ecomomy paper): $4.20/page (1-5 pages) or $3.20/page (6+ pages); Blueprint lamination $8.50 each
  • Large Format Scan: $3.50 B&W or $4.50 color (per page); $10.00 minimum. Additional $5.00 for scan to CD/DVD.
  • Lamination (24″ maximum width): $7.50 per lineal foot
  • Paper proofs (low resolution, color or B&W): $2.25 per sqft
  • B&W Standard paper: $2.25 per sqft
  • Premium Plain Paper: $4.75 per sqft
  • Heavyweight Coated Paper: $5.50 per sqft
  • Gloss Photo Paper: $5.75 per sqft
  • Archival (acid free) Paper: $6.00 per sqft

Vinyl prints

  • Matte Canvas: $6.00 per sqft
  • Adhesive Matte Vinyl: $6.25 per sqft
  • Stickers (“Print and Cut”) or Solid Vinyl lettering: $10.00/sqft
  • Approximate charges for Banners
    Indoor banners : $3.00 per sqft
    Outdoor banners :    between $2.25 & $3.00 per sqft + hem & grommets
    We can also provide double sided wind cut street banners $1.35 per grommet
    $5.00 per pole pocket (any length banner)
  • Photo Tex Fabric (repositional, adhesive): $7.00 per sqft
  • Liquid Laminate (hardens in 30 days, but positionable in 30 minutes): $1.00 per sqft

There is a minimum $15 design fee for jobs that are not “print ready” (e.g. design or touch-up using Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator. Local pickup is always free. Shipping via FedEx, UPS or USPS: actual cost + $5.00 billed to your account/credit card.

Please note — there is a $25.00 minimum charge for any large format print job. Each paper change counts as a “job”.

If you’re interested in turning your artwork or photograph into a frameable piece, use the following guidelines when sizing your *high resolution* image:

8″ x 10″  *16″ x 20″ *24″ x 36″ *
9″ x 12″18″ x 24″30″ x 40″
11″ x 14″ *20″ x 24″ *32″ x 40″ *
12″ x 1622″ x 28″ *36″ x 48″
14″ x 18″ *24″ x 30″ *40″ x 60″

An asterisk * indicates a standard frame size. Non-standard sizes can be ordered, but be sure you know what the framing costs will be. These prints are not assembled on a stretcher bar or framed. You can purchase stretcher bars from an art supply house or your local frame shop. We highly recommend Imagine It Framed in Cottage Grove.

Pricing subject to change without notice.