Business Cards (also – see “Magnetics”)

Standard business cards have a finished dimension of 3½” x 2″ and are designed using one of two formats: “full bleed” and “no bleed”. “Full bleed” means that the business card design extends up to the edge of the card, and “no bleed” means that it does not. Business card options include the following:

  • Quantity and pricing
    • standard order size is 500
      • there is a 15% discount for ordering 1000 or more
      • 250 cards are 65% of the cost of 500 cards
      • 200 cards are 55% of the cost of 500 cards
      • 100 cards are 35% of the cost of 500 cards
      • 50 cards are 25% of the cost of 500 cards
    • variations (e.g. two employees or two designs) can be combined into one run for pricing purposes
    • design delivery should be via email in PDF format
    • any manual design activity will incur a minimum one-time $18 design/setup fee ($75/hr in minute increments)
  • Type of stock (matte, gloss, card weight and type of paper)
  • Color/black & white
  • One or two sided printing
PRICING (500)12pt14pt80# Cover16pt
One side, color or B&W$36.70$41.95$41.95$47.50
B&W back side $7.50, Color back side $14.00$39.95$44.95$44.95$49.95
Rounded Corners (1/8″ 1/4″ 1/2″) $.01 per corner
Special Paper: range of costs depending on available supply
Other options – please call for a quote for Custom size
or Specialty paper
Professional Design: $95.00/hour

BLEED: There is no upcharge for “full bleed” business cards, but it requires a little more work on your part. When designing your “full bleed” card, your design extends outside the finished card dimensions. Therefore, finish trimming cuts through your design. Our shop requires a bleed area that is at least 1.6 millimeters (approximately 1/16″) all around the outside of the finished dimension. We can work with minor differences, but its best not to leave anything to chance. We will NOT modify a “no bleed” design to create a “full bleed” design unless you are willing to pay our design fee. That is, if you provide us with a file that is exactly 3½” x 2″ and includes design graphics that extend up to the edge of the card, we will either decline the job, ask you to redo the submission or give you a price to reformat your template.

INSIDE MARGIN: Because we use digital technology, there may be minor registration differences in how the card prints. We recommend a minimum 1/8″ inside margin on all edges of your card (full bleed or no bleed) to allow for this. If you expect to print right up to the edge of the card, you may be disappointed in the variations from card to card.

FORMAT: You can upload your completed template in any number of formats, but we prefer PDF. If you submit any other format, make sure you include all non-standard fonts and all images in your transmission to us. Please submit the design file for ONE card, not for multiple cards per page.

ROUNDED CORNERS: Make sure your design isn’t compromised with your chosen rounded corner radius. We can cut 1, 2, 3 or 4 corners (priced per corner cut).

SETUP CHARGE: There is no setup charge as long as we receive a usable file that does not require modifications or corrections. If we need to make modifications to your design file, we will charge our regular design fee (see the next section).

DESIGN SERVICES: if you do not or cannot design your own card, we offer a professional design service for $95/hr. You receive a PDF as well as our completed In template (PSD, SVG, EPS) as part of your deliverables. Other charges may apply as well if you need proprietary (licensed) images.