The holidays are coming, and we’re ready to help you sent your Greetings to everyone on your Christmas or Chanukah list.

Our photos are printed on high-quality HP paper with either our HP inkjet photo printer or our large format indoor printer. Canvas prints from photos are printed on our large format indoor printer. Postcards and Greeting cards are printed on our Digital printer. 

There is a $10.00 minimum order.

Printing discounts are calculated based on prints from the same original. Other material costs (envelopes, lamination, biinding, etc.) do not qualify for quantity discounts

  1. 10% for quantities from 50 to 99
  2. 20% discount for quantities from 100 to 249
  3. 30% discount for quantities 250+
Traditional Photos
4″ x 6″$ 0.35Traditional Photo Album size (borderless)
5″ x 7″$ 0.99Borderless
8″ x 10″$ 2.99Borderless
8-1/2 x 11″$ 2.87Full size, or smaller sizes centered
Large Format on HP Everyday Photo Paper (24″ wide roll)
11″ x 17″$ 13.19Example size, calculated as below
20″ x 30″$ 36.66Example size, calculated as below
Custom Sizes$ 8.00 per linear foot PLUS $4.00 per sqft printing
Canvas photo enlargements
11″ x 14″$ 15.35Canvas only (2″ unprinted border for mounting)
11″ x 14″ w/sbar$ 46.00Mounted on custom stretcher bar
Custom Size$ 8.00 per linear foot PLUS $5.00 per sqft printing
Framingcall for a quote
Postcards (printed on 10pt: gloss one side, matte on the reverse)
3½” x 5½”$ 0.45Color 2s (two sides)
 $ 0.39Color 1s, B&W reverse
4″ x 6″ $ 0.403/16″ bleed, color 2s
 $ 0.343/16″ bleed, color 1s, b&w reverse
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Greeting Cards (customized with your artwork or photo)
5½” x 8½”, folded in half yields finished size 5½” x 4¼”
B&W 1S$ 0.26Folded in half, one side only B&W
Color 1S$ 0.50Folded in half, one sided color
Color 2S$ 0.80Folded in half, two sided color
Color 1S B&W 1S$ 0.60Folded in half, one side color and reserves B&W
Envelope$ 0.14 
11″ x 8½” cut to size and folded in half, potentially full bleed (no envelope)
10″ x 7″$ 1.08Color one side, yields 5″ x 7″ finished card
10″ x 7″$ 1.68Color two sides, yields 5″ x 7″ finished card
Stationery and Holiday Newsletters (24# bright white or 20# colored paper)
Black & White Stationery $3.95 per set of 25, printing not included
Color Stationery$12.95 per set of 25, printing not included
Printing and FinishingRegular pricing less 15%
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