We are now able to print T-Shirts, shopping bags and aprons. For a look at some of our products, check out our companion site: http://tshirts.dirtcheapcopies.com.

The website shows the cost of the shirt or apron, not the cost for printing. Here’s how we accumulate the total cost for the product:

  1. Start with the cost of the shirt, plus shipping. There is no cost for this if you bring your own shirt/bag/apron. 
  2. If you need our design assistance, we charge $75/hr in one minute increments. A typical design might cost you $20 to $30, although complicated designs could run more. We’re happy to estimate based on your description. Again, there is no extra cost if you provide us with a print-ready design. A print-ready design will normally be a pdf or transparent png, and vector graphics are preferred (e.g. Illustrator).
  3. We will email you a proof before printing. There is no extra cost for an emailed proof, since it protects both of us from mistakes. There is a $2.00 charge to print a proof on paper.
  4. At this point, we will know exactly what pre-treating is required and how much ink will be used to print your shirt. In general, 100% cotton shirts don’t need to be pretreated, and white/light shirts are less expensive than dark/black shirts.
  5. Finally, we print the shirt and let you know it’s done. 
  6. To estimate the total cost, figure $15 to $20 over the cost of the shirt itself for one-offs. The price per shirt will descrease significantly as the quantity goes up. 

Allow at least a week before delivery. 

We are currently offering a 15% discount until December 15, 2017. Custom T-shirts make great gifts, and are also an amazing way to express yourself.Tags: t-shirttshirtDTGdirect to garment