We print a on variety of banner materials for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Full color indoor banners on vinyl or paper. Examples: "Welcome Home", "Congratulations", and so on. Grommets or bannerUps on indoor vinyl are optional. We do not recommend hem tape or pole pockets for indoor banners, since the material is more rigid than our outdoor banner material.
    Vinyl banners: $6.00 per square foot
    Paper banners: $2.25 per square foot to $4.50 depending on paper type
  • Full color outdoor banners on vinyl. Finish sizes 24"-28", 32"-36" or 48"-52", gloss or matte, with a variety of weights available. We can print street and event banners, double sided banners, pole banners, and much more.

    Single sided banners (includes hem but grommets and bannerups are extra)
    Up to 20 sqft: $4.00 per sqft
    Up to 40 sqft: $3.50 per sqft
    Over 40 sqft: $3.00 per sqft
    Grommets or bannerups: $1.00 each

Outdoor banner finishing options

  • At present, we do not laminate our ourdoor banners. 
  • Grommets or BannerUps: traditionally, grommets are placed in each corner and every two feet or so along the long edges. BannerUps are a newer alternative to grommets, and are clear adhesive mounts that can withstand higher wind velocity.
  • Hem tape: we use very high tack 1" hem tape to finish edges. Unlike stitching, hem tape does not show through the front of the banner and is every bit as durable.
  • Pole Pockets: if you intend to mount the banner using poles, we simply need the exact diameter of the pole you plan to use and which edges (long or short) will be used for the pole. There is no extra charge for pole pockets.
  • Trimming: you should allow for a minimum 1" print margin on all four edges. If you require full bleed (printed to the edge of the banner), we will overprint to accomodate the bleed.
    • Design your banner : Banner width less 2". For a 30" banner, your design width should be 28". 
    • Full Bleed: We will finish your banner 3" less than the banner width, so you essentially have a 1/2" bleed on all sides. The extra bleed should be inconsequential to your banner message. 
    • No Bleed: If you don't need a full bleed banner, subtract 2" from both sides (leaving 28") and design your banner leaving an additional margin.
    • Print marges must be adjusted if you require pole pockets. For example, a 1" diameter pole requires about 3 1/4" extra material (diameter times pi plus a little extra). If you need two pole pockets and a 24" banner, we would need to bump you to our 38" width (24 + 3.25 x 2 + 2" for hem tape = 32.5") and trim the excess.