Cling Vinyl Decals

Cling Vinyl decals are the perfect way to showcase your logos, store sales and specials without appying permanent vinyl to your windows. Cling vinyl can be applied and reapplied many times. So, if you have a recurring special, you can display the window sign during the special, then remove it, then reapply it sometime in the future. Easy - no fuss, no mess.

When applied correctly, these decals are semi-permanent. That is, they won't come off until you peel them off.

Here are a couple of examples. The Oregon Networking Exchange decal denotes our affiliation with a local networking group. This type of decal would also be appropriate for Chamber of Commerce members, when you child is a member of a sports team, or pretty much anything you might want to showcase on a semi-permanent basis.

The second example shows a "special". We use this to showcase our monthly special, whatever that happens to be. At the end of the month, we remove this decal, put it back onto its backing paper, and apply the next month's special. Couldn't be easier or more cost-effective.

We have two media widths - 27" and 54". This allows us to print virtually any size graphic.

Installing Cling VInyl window decals is easy if you follow these steps:

  1. Clean your window surface with window cleaner.
  2. Spray (wet) the window with water, making sure the surface is wet. The wetter the better.
  3. Peel the decal off the backing material and apply it to the window. You can slide it around on the wet window surface until it is aligned. Smoothe the decal with your fingers or your hand.
  4. Using a squeegee or credit card, squeegee all the water out from between the window and the decal. 
  5. Check for air bubbles, and continue sqeegeeing until you're satisfied. 
  6. If you make a mistake (you can't get the air bubbles out or the application is crooked), simply remove the decal from the window and start over.